FNB South Personal Mastercard®

We offer two different FNB South personal credit cards; both options have two tiers.

Mastercard® Standard

If you have less that perfect credit, are not interested in earning rewards, or want a card with a lower credit limit then the standard card may be for you.
If you have little to no credit history or would like to re-establish your credit we offer a secure standard card. This card benefits customers by helping them either establish or re-establish a satisfactory credit history. Both of these card options have an APR* of 16% for purchases and cash withdrawls.

Mastercard® Platinum

If you have above average credit history and would like to earn cash back rewards we offer two rate tiers with the Platinum card.
  • The first tier has an APR of 13.00%* and a 1.5% cashback on all purchases and cash withdrawls.
  • The second tier has an APR of 15.00%* and a 1% cashback on all purchases.

*All APR rates are based on the current Prime Rate and are subject to change when the Prime Rate changes.